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Your Responsibilities For Water Management

With the start of each year’s irrigation season, every associated consumer has a responsibility for managing the irrigation water they use and the connected ditch and structures. Water is released from the canals by way of private laterals to each property, District facilities carry tail water away, and it is returned to the Colorado River. Irrigation ditches need to be kept clean and all debris removed throughout the season. When you use water from a ditch, you have a shared responsibility with ALL of the other property owners that use that ditch. Use begins at the headgate on the canal and ends when water is returned to any natural drain of the country.

The Colorado State Statutes have many rules for irrigation water rights and responsibilities. Those rules can be found in Title 37, Article 84 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. Click here for an excerpt from those state rules.

See excerpts of Statutes here
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Locate Underground Service Lines and Utilities

The first step is to call the Utility Notification Center for Colorado .

Call 811

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  Grand Valley Drainage District provides a way to better serve the residents within the District. A phone line is dedicated for responding to Utility Locate Requests related to our drains and facilities.

Call 970-242-4346 For District Locates

District staff can assist you and answer any questions regarding location of District maintained drains. Office hours are staffed from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. Go to our Resources page to learn more.

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