2017 Official District Map

To see specific parcels, use the link to launch the Official District Map. To navigate to a desired address: Allow the map to load, this takes a few seconds after it opens. Click on the ‘Find address or place’ text in the search bar. Type in your desired address, i.e., (617 26 RD. Grand …). As you add text to the address, the map will narrow down the list of suggestions. The pull-down in the search area gives you other search options.  The map will navigate to that address or selection, and for   parcel information, click inside the parcel.

High Priority Projects:

Listed below are links to report section on the Appleton and Buthorn Drains from the “Grand Valley Stormwater Management Master Plan (GV-SWMMP)”, dated May, 2000, by Williams Engineering:

Appleton Drain Text: Here

Appleton Drain Exhibits: Here

Buthorn Drain Text:  Here

Buthorn Drain Exhibits:   Here

Buthorn System virtual tour

Existing Buthorn Drain system is shown in green with white manholes.

Video can be seen as shown or full screen.

Storm Water Fee Resolutions:

Resolution 2015-107-  Stormwater Fee Resolution: Here
Resolution 2015-108-  Related to Development: Here
Resolution 2015-109-Extreme Hardship Policy: Here

Resolution 2016-202-Change Billing Deadline: Here
Resolution 2016-203-Financial Plan Amendment: Here
Resolution 2016-206 Amendments to Resolution 2015-107, & Exhibit A: Here

Exhibit B: Financial Plan, see above.

Impervious surfaces 101: Why this matters in 1 page: Here

GVDD Master Financial Plan

Executive summary of the model created by the District. Here

Summary of financial plan models. Here</a
Financial plan with bonding. Here
Financial  plan no bonding. Here

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Important News & Events

SToRMWATER Protection

SToRMWATER Protection


Read more about the projects we’re working on to reduce the risk of stormwater property damage. Read more about our history.

Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities


We’ve made it easy for you to find the resources you need, from forms to GIS maps, to help with Mesa County Planning Department’s application process for development. Click here.

Stormwater Fees

Stormwater Fees

Under what authority can we collect fees?

Our fee collection is permissible based on the Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 37, Article 31, statutes 37-31-101 and 37-31-137. Read more here.