Board Members

ALL BOARD MEMBERS are elected to 3 year terms of office. Per Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII: Directors may serve two (2) consecutive terms, and then are term limited until they have been out of office for 4 consecutive years. Effectively two (2) terms.

Division #1 : John Justman
May 2019 through May 2022

Division #2 : Jim Grisier
May 2017 through May 2020

Division #3 : Mary Brophy
May 2018 through May 2021

Questions to the Board can be addressed to:


Board Meetings:

Board meetings are held once each month as scheduled by the Board. The date for each meeting is shown on the calendar.

The regular meetings are held at the office of the Drainage District at 722 23 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado. The meetings begin at 10am. All meetings are open to the public.

Anyone wishing to address the Board must be scheduled in advance. Contact the Manager or the District Clerk of GVDD to be assigned a time on the agenda. The topic must be submitted in writing. All items to be considered by the Board are to be submitted in writing in advance of each meeting.

Board Resolutions:

All resolutions are kept on file at the GVDD offices. These documents are available to the public during regular business hours. We also have a few on our website.

Special Meetings:

Special Meetings of the Board are scheduled in advance and public notices of such meetings are posted at the Mesa County Court House, the Office of the District, and each city hall. Notices for Special Meetings are also posted to the District’s calendar.


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Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities


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Stormwater Fees

Stormwater Fees

Grand Valley Drainage District has stopped collecting fees at this time.

We appreciate your support and patience while we work on this.