Diversion Application

This License is to request that the Grand Valley Drainage District  (GVDD) issue a revocable Diversion License to allow a land owner to divert waste water from a GVDD facility at a specified point source.

The Diversion License is free.

Please  download it HERE.

You can look up your Tax Parcel Number, aka- PARCELNUM, by searching your address on  our MAP.  That map can also be used to identify the point of diversion that GVDD will use to create the required EXHIBIT A for the Diversion License.

Note that a required part of the diversion license application is that the specified point source be within an easement granted to GVDD. If an easement has not been granted, GVDD will prepare the agreement for the land owner’s signature and record it with the County Clerk and Recorder.

The completed diversion license application needs to be submitted to the District’s Clerk for processing.

If you have any questions related to this application and attached documents, please contact our offices during regular business hours.